Social Marketing
Want to know how to get more Facebook fans? Simple -- buy targeted fans from Aadicia in packages starting at Rs.5,000 for a small investment. Did you know that Facebook has recently been valued at $16 billion? Do you have any idea why a community site like this could be worth so much? It's simple -- because it's a massive advertising platform, changing the way people interact across their friends, families and across countries with their peers and brands. You can take advantage of this by connecting with thousands of potential fans of your product, service or cause by investing in packages of targeted, real Facebook fans delivered to your fan page on Facebook. With Aadicia you can get youtube views from us at Aadicia, targeting them in specific industries, countries or interest groups. With Aadicia there is no easier way to make your business Online star.

Only Aadicia can offer you all of this:

Social Marketing (Annual Service Contract- ASC 1 to 3 Years)
1. Divert Social Marketing on Facebook,Twitter,Linked-In and Youtube(FLTY-4) Targeted acquisition of 100% real targeted fan delivered to your Facebook fan page.
FLTY-4 Targeting based on industry, interest groups and/or geo-location.
Perpetual Ownership of fans we deliver are yours.
By 1st Week.
2. Transact Contextualized advice based on your organization, specific business goals, and challenges. The presentation also maps out the internal capabilities that your business needs to realize the benefits of new digital initiatives   By 3rd Week.
3. Grow Discover a Path for Maximizing the Value of Marketing spend and guidance you can work with. As part of the Digital Marketing Briefing, an experienced Aadicia Marketer considers all aspects of your business, including immediate challenges, long-term goals, and industry trends   By 4th Week.